New Mexico BlueHMO Preferred

Blue Cross Blue Shield is dissolving the health plan offered to former Lovelace Health Plan members.

However, BenefitSource will continue to offer the dental options listed below to this membership.  Therefore, Federal Employees who are enrolled on the New Mexico BlueHMO Preferred Plan  will have to change their medical plans but will continue to have the option to renew their dental plans for 2018.  Members effected by this change will be receiving information in the mail from BenefitSource during the month of November.

  • Option 1:      Sandia Plan.  Members enjoy savings with our low, preset fees on most types of dental work.  This includes coverage for preventive, basic and major services as well as orthodontics.  This option is an In-Network plan only and has year round open enrollment.  Sandia Plan Fee Schedule.
  • Option 2:     Elite Plan.  This plan is a comprehensive PPO indemnity dental plan.  Th Elite Plan allows you to see what your out-of-pocket cost will be before you even see a dentist.  For a comprehensive list of these savings review the Elite Plan Fee Schedule
  • Option 3:    PPO Dental Plan.  This is a comprehensive dental PPO insurance plan with the freedom of choice to see any licensed dentist.  When using PPO contracted providers, members have lower out of pocket costs.



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