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Presbyterian Health Plan Members

All members of Presbyterian Health Plan are automatically enrolled in our Presbyterian Health Plan Value Added program at no additional cost.   This program consists of access to a variety of supplemental vision programs, hearing and audiology programs, complementary and alternative medicine discounts, and access to some of the city’s best fitness facilities and weight management programs.  There is also an excellent program for senior services that provides discounts for  non-medical home health care and discounts for Meals on Wheels.

2016 Commercial Value Added Brochure

(Application for Curves Fitness Program)

Federal Employees:

There are some exciting benefit enhancements for 2016 for members of Presbyterian Health Plan enrolled through the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program.  Federal employees that elect the PHP High Option Medical Plan have a new benefit for vision care at no additional cost.  This benefit is for an eye exam for a $0 copayment (In-network) and for significant savings for most types of eye glasses and contact lenses.  Read further for a complete description of the new Imbedded Vision Plan.  If PHP High Option Plan members prefer enhanced benefits for frames, lenses or contacts, there is now an option to enroll in the Vision Materials Buy-Up Option (Eye Med Buy-Up Enrollment Closed as of 1/1/16).  This vision arrangement is provided in concert with Eye Med.  To search for vision care providers, please use the “Access” network at

Federal Employees that enroll in PHP options other than the High Option Medical Plan have access to comprehensive vision care through the Superior Vision Gold 150 Plan.  This benefit provides excellent coverage for eye exams, frames and lenses.

All PHP members enrolled through the Federal Employee Health Benefit Plan are automatically enrolled in our Presbyterian Health Plan Value Added program.

Dental Options for Federal Employees:

  • Option 1:      Sandia Plan.  Members enjoy savings with our low,preset fees on most types of dental work.  This includes coverage for preventive, basic and major services as well as orthodontics.  This option is an In-Network plan only and has year round open enrollment. Sandia Plan Fee Schedule.
  • Option 2:     Elite Plan.  This plan is a comprehensive PPO indemnity dental plan.  Th Elite Plan allows you to see what your out-of-pocket cost will be before you even see a dentist.  For a comprehensive list of these savings review the  Elite Plan Fee Schedule
  • Option 3:    PPO Dental Plan.  This is a traditional dental indemnity plan with freedom of choice to see any dentist.  Members have lower out of pocket cost and no balance billing when using PPO Dental Providers.  This plan also includes coverage for orthodontics (braces) for children to age 19.


Enrollment is limited to the Federal Employee Health Benefit Open Season held every fall.

Learn more about these plans, review the 2016 Presbyterian Federal Brochure

Enroll on the plan with the 2016 Presbyterian Health Plan Federal Application

Presbyterian Individual and Family Plan

Dental coverage is now available at a low monthly cost.  Presbyterian Health Plan and DentalSource have partnered to provide dental coverage to Presbyterian Individual and Family Plan members.   This is a PPO Dental Plan, which means that members have lower out-of-pocket costs when obtaining dental care within the network.  Members are also covered when obtaining dental care from non-participating providers.  This plan is underwritten and administered by Companion Life Insurance Company.  Members must be enrolled in the Presbyterian Individual and Family Plan to enroll in this dental program.  More information about the dental plan offered through the Presbyterian Individual and Family Plan as well as the application are provided with this link.



Presbyterian Senior Plan Members

There are many exciting benefits for Senior Plan Members!






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