Presbyterian Medicare Advantage Member Information

Presbyterian Medicare Advantage Membership has its privileges!

All members enrolled in Presbyterian Medicare Advantage are automatically members of the BenefitSource Value Added Services program at no additional cost.  The open enrollment season for Medicare Advantage is specified by Medicare, normally in the month of October.

Please review the PHP Medicare Advantage Value Added Guidebook for a complete description of the services described below.

Services included in thes Value Added program:

Dental Care

  • Automatic enrollment in our Sandia Dental Plan at no additional cost.  This plan is a network based referral plan that provides for savings from 20% to 60% for comprehensive dental care.  Savings are greater for diagnostic and preventive dental such as cleanings and x-rays.  There are also substantial savings for more extensive dental procedures such as restorations, oral surgery, periodontics, and prosthodontics.  Please review the Sandia Plan Fee Schedule   for a complete list of dental procedures and fees.  Members must use the Sandia Plan Participating Providers to receive these benefits.
  • Option to buy an alternate dental plan, the Elite Dental Plan which is a PPO Dental  Plan.  This plan offers freedom of choice to use any dentist.  Benefits are richer when obtaining care from participating PPO dental offices.  This plan is available for the low monthly premium of $35.35 per person, or $424.20 annually per person for those enrolling in October of each year.  For a comprehensive list of these savings review the Elite Plan Fee Schedule and the Elite Dental Plan Description and Application.

Supplemental Vision Program

  • Medicare Advantage members should refer to their medical Summary of Benefits for vision care services related to exams, cataract surgery, or for refractive correction.  BenefitSource Value Added program enables members to enjoy additional savings for corrective eye wear such as eye glasses, frames, special lenses or contact lenses.    For a list of participating vision providers or to find out more about a Buy-up vision plan available, visit

Senior Care Services

  • Meals on Wheels:  this is a home delivery of meals for those who are home bound or otherwise unable to obtain proper nutritional meals on their own.  This program enables those members to retain independence, improve health and stay at home.  Members receive a 10% discount off the normal price per meal.
  • Non-Medical Home Health Care:  This service enables seniors to remain at home for as long as possible.  Most of these services are not reimbursed by Medicare, but are designed to help seniors with daily, non-medical activities such as bathing, transferring, transportation, light cleaning and meal preparation.
  • Participating audiology centers provide a variety of hearing hardware and appliances for discounts from 25% to 50% including hearing aids and hearing aid batteries.  And there are fixed co-payments for complete hearing evaluations.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

  • Acupuncture:  This involves the use of small, thin, sterile needles that are inserted into “reflex point” to relieve pain, sleep disorders, stress, and digestive problems.  Members pay $63 for an initial visit and $52 per visit, thereafter.
  • Chiropractic Care:  This is manipulation of various body parts for pain management and improvement in the nervous, skeletal and muscular systems.  There may be partial coverage for type of care under your medical plan, so those benefits should be exhausted first.   Please review the Chiropractic Service Fee Schedule for a complete list of fees for this care.

Wellness Services

  • Massage Therapy:  This is soft tissue manipulation that is helpful for pain management and relief.
  • Spa Services:  services such as custom massages, facials, Reiki, detox services,  foot scrubs,aroma steams, youth rejuvenation, organic beauty products, and such are available.  Discounts vary by location and service.
  • Cryotherapy:  This helps with pain reduction, inflammation, and promotes muscle recovery to achieve overall wellness.
  • New Mexico Sports and Wellness:  Members enjoy $8 off monthly membership fees at the premier exercise and fitness facility in Albuquerque.
  • Aesthetics and Athletics:  Members receive a 20% discount for both spa and gym services.  Try it for a day with a discounted day pass or with regular, ongoing membership.

Entertainment and Life Enhancement

  • The Canyon Club at Four Hills:  members receive discounts on the various membership packages offered by the country club.
  • Dave and Busters:  Members receive 20% discount on all food and games.
  • Toltec Brewing:  Members enjoy 10% off the entire check.
  • Wigs by Mary Lou:  Members enjoy a free cap and brush in the private styling rooms and a 15% to 20% discount off hair prosthetics.
  • Lyon Auto Spa:  members receive year round discounts on automotive needs.  Oil changes are available for $16.99 and deluxe car detailing provided for $109.
  • Advanced Prosthetics & Orthotics:  members enjoy a discounted rate for functional foot orthotics of $299, about 25% discount.

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