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Dental Plans

You can choose from a variety of innovative and customized dental plans including:

Dental Network Based Plans

Our Sandia Dental Plan is a cost effective option that gives members access to dental care services at discounted rates.  It is available to groups and individuals of all ages.

The plan is designed to encourage members to obtain routine and preventative care in order to head off more serious dental issues that may occur down the road.  If extensive dental services are needed, the plan covers that too.

Plan discounts on the program range from 20% to 60% for most procedures.  We have a broad network of Sandia Plan Participating Dental Offices and add new offices continually.

Benefits of choosing this plan include:

No claim forms
No deductibles
No age limits
No waiting periods
No annual maximums
No exclusions for pre-existing conditions

Benefit Highlights:

Exams and cleanings at 30%-45% discount
Restorations at 20%-60% discount
Orthodontic coverage with no waiting period
Dentures covered at 15%-30% discount

Participating Dental Offices: Click here to view on-line portal.

Learn more about our Sandia Plan and how to enroll.

Dental PPO Plans

Our dental PPO plans provide freedom to use any licensed dentist, but members enjoy greater savings when obtaining care from our Preferred Provider Network.  These plans:

Are fully customizable with numerous cost saving features
Use provider networks that include many dentists throughout New Mexico and are
constantly growing
Are available with flexible funding options for employer groups

Covered by the Dental PPO:

Exams, x-rays and cleanings typically covered as Preventive Services
Fluoride treatment allowed once in a 12 month period for members up to age 19
One cleaning (prophylaxis) allowed once in a 6 month period
Two evaluations allowed in a 12 month period
Coverage for inlays, crowns, prosthodontics, and dentures
Endodontic, periodontics and oral surgery are typically covered under Major Services

In addition, our group employer dental PPO plans have no waiting periods with take-over credit for groups with existing group dental coverage.

Request a Quote:  Contact BenefitSource Sales Office to request a quote.

(Dental Indemnity and PPO plans are Underwritten by Companion Life Insurance, A+ Superior rated and administered by Total Dental Administrators of Arizona.)

Indemnity Dental Group Plans

For those who need the freedom of choice offered by an indemnity dental plan, we are able to provide such plans.  We can match existing programs on a full takeover basis, or design something new to fit ever changing needs.  Alternate funding options are also available for groups.

Since there are no networks associated with traditional indemnity style plans, members can visit any licensed dentist or specialist they choose, without a referral.  Coverage includes most preventive and diagnostic services.  For all covered services members pay a set coinsurance once deductibles are met.  These plans are fully customizable with numerous cost-saving features.

Request a Quote:  Contact BenefitSource Sales Office to request a quote.

(Dental Indemnity and PPO plans are Underwritten by Companion Life Insurance, A+ Superior rated and administered by Total Dental Administrators of Arizona.)


Vision Plans

We offer vision plans that are focused on providing flexibility for groups and individuals to best meet needs.  Our plans provide coverage for eye exams, eye glasses, contact lenses, and significant savings for vision correction surgery. Groups with as few as two employees can offer voluntary or contributory plans.  BenefitSource works with some of the nation’s most well-known vision care providers, Block Vision, Vision Care Direct, Vision Service Plan, and EyeMed Vision Care, to bring these programs to the market.

Life and Disability Group Insurance

We are able to provide quotes for life insurance and short and long term disability products that can be customized to meet most needs.  These plans are available to small groups with as few as two employees and can be offered on a voluntary or contributory basis.

Value Added Benefits

We provide services described in our Value Added Benefits booklet to enrolled members.  There are savings with guaranteed low,preset fees on services such as visits to a chiropractor, an acupuncturist or massage therapist.

Members also enjoy savings for fitness and wellness programs offered through organizations throughout New Mexico.

There are savings to be enjoyed  for vision care, vision correction appliances, as well as discounts for hearing aid hardware

There are special services available for seniors, and their family members who may be caring for them as well.

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